Crowthorne Community Minibus
Transport for the elderly and disabled of Crowthorne

Crowthorne Community Minibus

Crowthorne Community Minibus The Crowthorne Community Minibus provides a service to elderly and disabled persons living in Crowthorne. If you think you are eligible you probably are. CCM was set up to be charitable and that's what we like to be. We will pick you up from your home, take you to somewhere on the bus together with others like you, and bring you home again afterwards. You will meet new friends and go to some interesting and lovely places.

There is no fee to join. All we need is your name, address and telephone number. You only pay for the trips you take.

Our services include providing transport to and from the local churches on Sunday mornings. The minibus is also used regularly by local stroke clubs.

The organisation consists of a pool of about 30 drivers and a coordinating Board of Trustees: all are volunteers. We have approximately 200 members in the village who use the bus. We are always happy to have more volunteer drivers and more members.

Our minibus community transport software runs the whole operation and is available on licence.

Please call 0800 567 7090 if you have any questions or would like to talk to us.

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Crowthorne Community Minibus : Registered Charity No 298176