Crowthorne Community Minibus
Transport for the elderly and disabled
of Crowthorne

Significant Milestones

A continuing strong comeback sees numbers returning to pre-lockdown levels by March.

After a break of 18 months (a bit longer than 3 weeks to flatten the curve) we started trips again in August 2021. By December we had a full programme and applications were running at about 85% of pre-lockdown levels. Things are looking UP!

Crowthorne Community Minibus 2019
In August 2019 we purchased a new bus, this time a Mercedes. Although we intended to have a ceremony to launch this bus, Covid-19 was beginning to become a worry. We had a full programme planned well into 2020 but unfortunately we had to stop operating by mid March 2020.

Crowthorne Community Minibus 2014
A brand new Treka Minibus was purchased in May and officially launched on 4th June with a brief ceremony at the Parish Hall.

Due to the closure of the Crowthorne Enterprise Centre parking for the bus moved to Wellington College.

Crowthorne Community Minibus 2009
The fifth bus was purchased in April 2009. Instead of being a van conversion, as were all the previous minibuses, this was a coach-built vehicle. It proved very popular with both the passengers and the drivers, however, it did, over the years, have several problems.

The fourth bus was purchased in June 2004.

The third bus was purchased in March 1999. We had received a grant of £7,500 from the National Lottery Charities Board towards its cost.

In 1996 the name was changed to Crowthorne Community Minibus and the constitution amended accordingly.

The second bus was purchased in January 1994.

The first bus was purchased in February 1988 after an extensive fund-raising campaign.

The charity (Crowthorne Community Mini Bus Project) was registered.

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Crowthorne Community Minibus : Registered Charity No 298176