Crowthorne Community Minibus
Transport for the elderly and disabled
of Crowthorne

Booking trips online is easy

This page shows a demo on a phone. You will not be booking anything by viewing the demo.

To book trips go back to Book Online.

Booking your requests online is much easier for YOU, much easier for ME and more RELIABLE. Not only do you get a quick confirmation of the trips you requested, but also a check on the contact details we hold for you AND, no need to write it all out again on a piece of paper and post it, deliver it or take it to the library every 3 months.

What's more, you'll get the earliest notification of the trips you've been allocated AND you'll save us the time and cost of delivering a piece of paper to your door (when we can find it - and some places are not easy to access, as you'll know if you live there).

I've made a short video of how to book online using a smartphone. It's much easier on an iPad, Android tablet or laptop because you have more screen space, but here it is recorded on my phone. Remember, this is showing how to do it, not actually doing it.


Select or deselect a trip by touching the tick box (white square).

If you still have problems doing it online please let me know, I'm always keen to improve things if I can.

One caveat - you'll need to be a resident of Crowthorne and on our books before we can add your online application. If you're not already one of our passengers you can download an application form here.

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