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Crowthorne Community Minibus

Crowthorne Community Minibus As of autumn 2020 there seems little prospect that the Crowthorne Community Minibus will be providing any service until summer 2021 at the earliest. For all concerned this a very sorry state of affairs as elderly people, more than others, need social contact to combat loneliness, and outings on the minibus, shared with friends, were much appreciated. Some passengers said this was a lifeline for them.

There is no doubt that when this pandemic struck us earlier this year there was much concern about the death rate, particularly in care homes and amongst the elderly. Since those early days the hospitalisations and death rates have tumbled and are now almost negligible. But any return to normal seems a long way off.

Take hope from the stats

Covid Graph Using uncontroversial data provided by the government itself we can see that the daily death rate of those dying in early October, within 28 days of a positive Covid test, is well under 70 people in the whole of the UK with a population of over 65 million. And as most deaths occur in people with underlying health problems the chances of dying if you're healthy is negligible, no matter what your age. If you're already old it's a sad fact that very few people live to 100. Admittedly the graph does show a very small increase in recent times but this could hardly be called a wave, let alone a spike. In fact death rates fluctuate all the time so it should be expected as a normal change. Note also that we do not have a companion graph showing the deaths due to the failure of the NHS to provide any service to all those of us with other medical needs.

As at Friday 30/10/2020 this is the official graph of deaths with Covid-19. This is the bottom line - you're very unlikely to die because of Covid-19.

There are more graphs showing other official data. The only one that is a bit concerning is the rise in cases, as determined by testing, but this increase does not yet have a corresponding rise in hospitalisations so it needs to be treated with caution. The increase in cases detected must, at least, be due the huge increase in testing. If people aren't ill enough to need hospital treatment and are not dying in their thousands there must be questions about why we are being made to suffer so much to avoid NOT being dead.

If you're interested in a good explanation of epidemics you could watch this YouTube video. To be fair, some comments after the video do challenge some of the points made but by and large it presents an optimistic perspective and one you can hope will play out in the coming months.

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